Methods Of Detection

Mattress encasements are effective tools for not only prevention, but detection of the presence of bed bugs. Their special tight zipper prevents the bugs from getting in or out of the encasement. Our Bugstop mattress encasements have no seams, pockets or folds, which tend to be popular hiding spots for bed bugs. Along with being bed bug proof, they are dust mite proof and water proof, as well.

Another easy-to-use detection tool is Bug Domes. It uses a small heating element covered by a plastic dome. As it attracts bed bugs, its special glue traps the bugs for inspection. It’s small and low profile enables it to be slid under a bed or nightstand. When the glue trap is full, simply replace it with a replaceable glue trap.

The ClimbUp Insect Interceptor is another trap that is easy and inexpensive to use. Placing these under the legs of bed frames and upholstered furniture helps intercept and capture the bed bugs. They are pitfall style plastic cups with a textured exterior that enables the bugs to climb up the device. The inside well, however, is slick and coated with talc, making it impossible for the bugs to travel up or out of the device. These traps provide around-the-clock protection and require little maintenance. When using these devices, pull the bed away from the wall and make sure that comforters, dust ruffles, and any other linens are not in contact with the floor. This prevents the bugs from taking any other possible path, forcing them to travel into the interceptors.

Our Bed Bug Beacon CO2 Monitor uses natural carbon dioxide to monitor and verify the presence of bed bugs. It has a unique capability of awakening sleeping bed bugs and trapping them. This is very beneficial considering bed bugs can survive for over a year without coming out to feed on a host. This monitor is easy to set up, containing everything for assembly except lukewarm tap water. Once assembled, it will emit a small amount of carbon dioxide which lasts 5 days up to two weeks. Its around-the-clock monitoring provides early detection of bed bug infestations without the use of harmful chemicals. This easy to use monitor is reusable, with CO2 refill kits available.

We know that bed bugs are attracted to heat and Carbon Dioxide. Combine these two attractants and you have the most advanced bed bug monitor available…the Nightwatch Bed Bug Monitor. This monitor combines CO2, a proprietary 7-part kairomone lure, and heat to attract and trap bed bugs. In essence, this device mimics the human body. Once attracted, the immature and mature bugs fall into a pitfall trap, made of highly polished material, which prevents them from escaping. This unit does require a CO2 bottle, which is readily available at hardware or sporting goods stores. Its lures last 5-7 days and replacements are easy to install. This monitor also works well to draw bugs out of an area recently treated with sprays and powders. It does not contain any substances toxic to insects, and as we know CO2 is nonflammable, so a fire hazard is not a concern.

When inspecting for bed bugs, it can be difficult to know if you have successfully located all infestations as a room is not always limited to just one. This, along with knowing that all infestations have been fully treated, is important to ensure complete eradication of the infestations. Our traps and monitors can do just that. They enable you to track the progress of bed bug treatment so you know when all infestations have been treated properly.

One other form of bed bug detection that you hope to never encounter is bed bug bites. Without proper prevention and the use of canine scent detection, quality encasements, domes, interceptors, or monitors, bites may often be the first sign of an infestation. They usually come in groups of threes and are more likely to be found in areas of the body with less hair. While some people have very little reaction to the bites, others can swell up severely and need to seek medical attention. You need to take action before you, a client in your hotel, or a patient in your extended care facility suffers from actual bed bug bites.

The bottom line is that the more detection tools you utilize, the more likely you are to detect early infestations when they are easiest to control.

Unique Pest Solutions offers the most advanced tools and methods in this rapidly growing battle with bed bugs. We offer the highest level of professionalism, diligence, and compassion in handling this sensitive and sometimes embarrassing problem. We are knowledgeable and effective at detecting all bed bug infestations, even in its earliest stage. Unique Pest Solutions is here to ensure that your facility and your own home are BED BUG FREE.

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